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Asked and Answered on AnswerBag.Com

I've been having a little fun today and answered a truckload of questions on Answerbag. Here are three that I had fun with:

What is the glue that sticks together a broken heart?

It is the glue of experience and compassion, of giving and receiving love. It is the glue of loving when love is not returned, of laughter, tears, and time. It is the glue of renewed purpose and passion for life itself. it is the glue of a dream and a mission. it is the grace of God and the friendship of good people. The glue that heals is a composite of all these things, but it is strong and flexible.

You have been offered the opportunity to "build" an ideal president of the United States as a composite of the best characteristics of all the candidates in the field. What will you take from each to construct your model president?

The charisma, freshness and good looks of Obama

The crusty credibility of Fred Thompson

The good common sense of Joe Biden

Wesley Clark's understanding of the military

Mitt Romney's business talents and understanding

The feisty courage of McCain

Howard Dean's outbursts - I liked that about him

The independence of Ron Paul

John Edwards' accent, likability, and wife

Dodd's intellect

Brownback's views on a couple of issues, especially pro-life

Giuliani's administrative skills

Gore's environmentalism

Ralph Nader's irrational perseverance and tenacity, with a touch of sarcasm and sassiness

Jerry Brown (who has neither chance nor interest) because he is not impressed by power

Clinton's campaign strategy and political savvy

Huckabee's integrity

Mike Bloomburg's ability to make and manage money

Gilmore's home state - The Mother of Presidents has been a little barren.

Kucinich for peace and freedom

Reagan's humor and compassion (something from the past)

Carter's understanding of world affairs and appreciation of the complexity of foreign policy (also from the past)

George Bush's aborted dream of utilizing faith based institutions to partner with communities for community development

George H.W. Bush's gracious spirit

Bill Clinton's speaking ability

LBJ's bear hug and humor

Nixon's diplomatic abilities

Truman's honesty and no-nonsense approach

Kennedy's ability to assemble the best people for his team

What is left?

Vulnerability - the ability to admit that you have changed your mind when presented with better facts and that is OK, that you have made some mistakes, that your record is not spotless, that you are human, that you may be wrong, that you have been wrong, that you can laugh at yourself, and that some special interest groups are really making fools of themselves even though you respect their humanity and right to petition their government.

Also missing quite often - respect for the opinions of others and a deep distrust of partisan politics.

Put all of that together with great leadership abilities and the ability to win an election and shazzzam, you've got a great president.

Remember, however, that most great presidents were rather unlikely candidates.

What lame excuse would you use to get out of jail?

Having sat through many court hearings as an observer, it has become my conviction that no excuse works. The best one seems to be, "I did it; I was wrong; How can i make this right?

If that doesn't work, try these:

The house was on fire when I arrived. I set another fire as a backfire in the hopes of saving the house.

The tree was moving toward my car at a rapid rate of speed.

Your honor, I was drunk, I had no idea I was behind the wheel of the car. if I had known, I would have never driven down the street.

What?!?! I have $100,000 in my account? Where did it come from? Is it mine? Can I spend it?

It wasn't me. It was my evil clone. You'd better catch him before he does some real damages. He has all my fantasies and none of my self-control. I can help if you will release me.

Your honor, I am an agent of the FBCIAI, an organization so top-secret that I cannot tell or even know what the initials stand for. I am on a vital mission for our government and the President has requested that you release me. The survival of humanity is at stake.

 I am not as think as you drunk I am.