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Take Charge and Win

When You Feel Like Giving Up- Take charge of your discouragement.

An Answerbag friend’s question sparked these thoughts in me and I share them to encourage you. 

Everyone feels like giving up from time to time. You are physically, emotionally, or spiritually drained. That is not an indictment. Nor is a predictor of failure. All great successes have come to this place in their lives more than once.

Life is a race that you only lose when you quit.

However, you need to rest from time to time -- an pace yourself -- and allow for mood swings and down time.

You need people who can speak truth into your life and listen skillfully and non-judgmentally to your pain.

You need to invest in yourself, your health, and your hopes.

You may be depressed and need some medical or counseling help. I cannot know that from here. You know.

Don't quit. Tomorrow is an entirely different day with new possibilities.

Gerturde Ederle did quit - ONCE - in her attempt to swim the English Channel, but she came back and accomplished the feat. Here is her story:

You can do it. You can face another day. This one may be hard. It may take everything you have just to get dressed and out of bed today. The rewards may not be visible. The fog may be thick, but it will not always be that way.

I have a feeling about you and I am cheering for and praying for you. If you cannot believe in yourself, borrow some of my belief for now - and God's belief in you.

You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!


Another Answerbagger questioned why he/she felt like a loser in spite of having so much: 

How to Stop Feeling Like a Loser. -Take charge of your self image.

These questions may contain some of the answers:

What are you reading? Are you reading? Are you filling your mind with positive literature?

What is in your car's CD player when you are driving? Is it positive, educational, and inspiring?

How do you spend your internet time?

With whom do you associate? Do you have a circle of positive friends who challenge, inspire, and affirm you?

What is your dream? What are your goals? Have you written them down? Do you have an action plan?

Have you made a conscious effort to practice gratitude today? Take five minutes to focus and give thanks.

What is the nature of your self-talk? Are you feeding yourself messages that build yourself up or tear yourself down?

What are you doing for others to give yourself away and repair a broken world?

Are you taking care of your nutritional and sleep needs? Exercising?

Don't report back to me on these because these are questions for you to ponder. However, if I can be any help to you in processing them, recommending books or audio, or encouraging you, do not hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]. 

Finally, the question was asked about whether to respond to criticisms and insults by “giving as we get” or letting it slide. 

React or Respond = Who Is In Charge?

  Take Charge of your reactions.

If I "give as I get," then I am surrendering control of my life to someone else's behaviors and choices. I am letting the other person run my life and emotions. 

If I must defend myself at all times, then I am saying that what someone else thinks of me or says about me changes who I am or determines how I feel about myself. 

Frank Sinatra said that the best revenge is success. 

Build your life as if your critics do not exist. Become a beacon of truth for them. Show them that you are stronger than their attacks by having a good day in spite of anything they say or do. That is my philosophy.

Am I always successful at it? 

Mostly -- not always. I am a work in progress. 

However, when I don't practice it, things don't go as well as when I do. 

I would much rather be proactive in my life than reactive. The Golden Rule is as much for us as it is for "them."