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Social Networks - Are they a FAD?

Social networks are only a fad if you have a very long memory.

In other words, there is nothing new about them. Humans have been networking for business and social interests for centuries,

Now the Internet has become a useful tool for what we have always done and we can have a broader and quicker impact on people.

Sure it is a FAD: Fast Actiion Dialogue.

It is also Frequent Activity Distributor or even a Friendship Acceleration Device.

It holds the potential of being a very positive force if we use it with wisdom, courtesy, and the right timing. It behooves us to learn as much as we can, learn from our successes and failures, and throw out as many test baloons as possible to experiment with new skills and strategies online.

For instnace, the other day, I was invited to join a new networking communtity: Apsense.

Watch the video and see what you thing:

Flash Presentation

If you prefer, you can follow this invitation straight to the site:

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Here are a few other ideas for making a FAD something productive and profitable in business and in the Kingdom.

F - FIND FRIENDS and cultivate those friendships. There actual people online and it is as good a place as any to develop your essential people skills.

A - ADD VALUE - Give something of value to people on your site to make them want to return. Keep it fresh and keep it helpful. When you add value to people and their businesses, they appreciate it and you feel good about yourself.

D - DEVELOP your network and drive traffic from your network to your business and ministry sites. Bed DISTINCT and DIFFERENT and DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the pack while relating to them and communicating common interest.