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Musings - But Not Necessarily Amusing

I read Proverbs every day and often comment here on one or two related to business, wealth, or work.

These today are just some that spoke to me about how we think followed by a reflection on my own thinking and start/stop/start behaviors.

Proverbs 21:1 - (NIV) The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD;
       he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.

Somehow in some wonderfully mysterious way, God works through the thinking and heartbeat of leaders who are committed to Him to plant, sort, develop, and nurture ideas and thoughts.

Proverbs 21: 2 All a man's ways seem right to him,
       but the LORD weighs the heart.

We almost always assume our thinking is right, but God knows and He alone can judge and manipulate our motives. This is not to make us fear our thoughts, emotions, and motives, but to create a sense of them being tentative. It should prompt us to put some things out there for God's evaluation. It is in that spirit that I wrote the following for a MySpace buletin today:

Left Brain - Right Brain - Brain Strain

I found an old journal in my pile of rubble with a resolution inscribed on the front page:

"I decided the other day ... to begin a left-handed journal. I hope to access some level of me not frequently seen."

First impression: Discomfort and Frustration. I fel like a person learning basic skills after a stroke.."

"So this is my right cerebral hemisphere. Hi!!"

About three entries followed and the whole book went blank  for a while.

So much for the resolution and the right hemisphere. It was an interesting if not short-lived exercise.  I did find a poem in there though:

"Death spoke to my friend..
Hope beckoned and he responded.
Now the only silence
Is the emptiness
Where he is not."

I am not sure what friend I wrote that for or if I could not have written it with my right hand, but there you are.

The point is, that I started something and didn't finish it. Actually, I came back 4 years later and wrote some more.

I could castigate myself for that and feel depressed. Then I might as well include all of my unfinished tasks in one huge depression. As long as I was throwing my hip out of joint kicking my read end, I might as well include all of the partially completed books, loose notes, and assorted projects that I intended to get to some day.

I start a lot of things.

I finish a few.

I think I finish more this way than I would if I never started anything.

The point is that you are who you are and you are wired the way God wired you. Go with the flow that is God's flow through you. Don't try to be me or anyone else. Be the best you that you can be by God's grace.  Celebrate your uniqueness. Develop in your character and discipline.  Don't be afraid to start things. Try to finish some - hopefuly the truly important things. Let things sort themselves out along the way. Try the right brain; try the left; either way, stay in your right mind. Let your creativity flow. Dream great dreams. Attempt great deeds.

And save your false starts - you may come back and finish them later.