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Zipper Down on the Highway to WELATH


Welath and happyness
Have you ever discovered that your zipper is down and wondered how long you had been parading around in this condition and why no one informed you?

They may have been too embarrassed.

The solution is to let you be embarrassed.

How do you navigate these sensitive situations? I once published a blog with a severely misspelled title for at least a week. I spelled "wealth" as "welath." No one said anything - or noticed - OR did they? I was embarrassed - but not much.

I misspell all the time, but usually not in a title.

Should someone have said something or would that have been nit picky?

Did you ever see the film,  "The Pursuit of Happiness?"  Of course not. That is not the name of the movie!

It was spelled HAPPYness - just like a recurring scene from the movie where Chris Gardner is repeatedly annoyed at the misspelling on a wall in his neighborhood.

It is funny how little things keep us from focusing on the pursuit of the BIG things.

Ultimately, they did not stop Chris Gardner. See the movie and read the book if you are discouraged, thinking of giving up, or devastated by a zipper down after being in public for hours. Few people have had to overcome the challenges he faced on the road to success, but everyone has their own.

You can read Chris Gardner's book to learn more about his extraordinary life. You can also visit his official site.

The conditions were never just right for Chris Gardner to pursue his goals and they will never be just right for you - so get started now! There is no better time.

While we are at it, let's embrace a new philosophy of

Welcome life with all its imperfections, embarrassing moments, and hardships because there will be m ore joys that sorrows if you will pursue them and embrace them.

Elevate others along the way and build them up rather than tearing them down.

Live, Laugh, Love with expectancy, wonder, and authenticity.

Accept Abundance as the true measure of wealth. Abundance means that there is more than absolutely necessary for mere survival. Abundance is accepting grace as a lifestyle and as n endless supply from a generous God to children He loves. It also means that we appreciate what we receive and receive it with giddy joy.

Take the steps necessary to move incrementally toward your goals of wealth or welath. Just like it doesn't ultimately matter if you mess up the letter order, there may be some play ion the order in which you take these steps, but take them and do not expect to arrive quickly. "Get rich quick" almost always implies gimmickry. You could also call it TIME. Take Time!

Hope and keep hoping. Never surrender your possibility view of things to come. That which is not can be. Persevere with hope!

Keep on kneeping on! <wink>
Three of my favorite scenes: