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The Debate Continues

What seems obvious to me as a man of faith may not be so clear to others. has brought together a group of scholars from the left and the right to debate the issue of the historical Jesus. They include some notables who affirm His divinity and some who argue for a Jesus who is so human as to scoff at any possibility of the miraculous.

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Among those who have entered the debate is Bishop John Shelby Spong, who recently said:

"Religion in America today embarrasses me," said Spong, 75, who will speak in Rochester next week. "If that's what Christianity is all about, then I'm not really interested in that."

My news to Bishop Spong is that turnoabout is fair play. i have often been embrarrassed by him. For more of the interview where he made his red-facxed declaration, click here.

There is actually a rather heated discussion of the matter on the Religion Forum .

as others have noted, the faith that Spong sees as obsolete is thriving around the world and transforming lives. It a new global world, it makes one wonder who is out-moded in his thinking.

Christianity has survived attacks in every generation because it is real. The question is always this, "Are we real?"