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"Write something," I said to myself.

I must practice what I preach to others.

There are two problems that cripple me in this area of life and work. On one hand, I may be going through a dry spell and have nothing much to say. Some would call this an absence of inspiration. Others might consider it a mental block. Whatever it is, it places a giant roadblock lock in  the path of production.

You'd think a preacher would have plenty to say during Holy Week. I do, but I am saving a lot of it for tommorow.

Some logic would suggest that in a desert, one might just sit and wait. The problem is there is no shade in the desert.

The second problem is having too much to say and not enough time and mental energy to distill it into a manageable project. That is often my state of being.

Both must be overcome by bloggers who expect to be read regularly. The key to being read is posting.  I teach that; I nearly preach it. I must practice it.

And that is what i am doing at this very moment. I am writing something to drive home the point that we must keep writing.

I have much more to say, but the phone is ringing off the hook.