Honor and Horrows
Sliding Between Parallel Dimensions

Thinking Aloud (Allowed)

Just a couple of thangs (that is "things" to most of you).

That was a rant yesterday. I do that sometimes. I don't know what prompted it, but I let it out. What do non-bloggers do? Do they badger their spouses? I do that too, but I like to think that  my blogging makes life easier for her. However, I still have a couple of rants left if things don't change in the treatment of our wounded war vets.

It is Lyn Perry, not Ryan who responsible for Thought Renewal. Ryan is cool too, but that's not his site. I fixed that yesterday.

Did you year about the three bible stalkers? Watch out for them; they are relentless. "Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life."

Back to the rant: I am still upset about the way we are treating out wounded soldiers, but I am glad to see President Bush appointing two very credible people to solve the problem.

The discussion of the Tomb of Jesus is still hot on the Religion Forum.

Spencer Gear's article is notable in that thread.

In Fresno county, the Sherrif's Department went to the wrong house and surpised an old guy in the night who came out of his house with a gun presumably aimed at the officers.  They felt threatened and shot him. That is understandable and forgivable. They took him to the hospital and handcuffed him unconscious to his bed. That is over the top. Then they charged him with gun possession and assaulting officers (who he assumed were robbers). The gun charges make sense. The assault charges are posturing or perhaps, posterior covering. The victim should also drop the suit - and get rid of his guns. The County should drop most of its charges. They should all dismiss their lawyers and get a table at the Radisson, sit around it with coffee and try to learn from their mistakes. Let reasonable people work this out. Everyone was essentially wrong about something here and it would serve the community and justice as well to call it a draw. However, I suppose this will be settled like most legal disputes - through posturing and chest-beating by lawyers and politicians. Not to worry because the tax payer will foot the bill. They may also try to blame some poor front line officer who was just doing his job and fearing for his life. Folks just need to learn to move on.

Guns don't kill; people kill - people WITH GUNS!

OK - I' ranting again.

I had a ticket to see and hear Zig Ziglar today, but I was late and heard some other good stuff. Then I through my hip out of joint trying to kick myself in the rear for missing Zig.

That is better than throwing out my shoulder trtying to pat myself on the back.

Let me repeat yesterday's quote in case you missed it:  Honor is something often lost in the defense thereof.

It is just often neither honorable nor is it wise, much less profitable to make your point and lose all of your hard-earned ground in the proccess.

Rants are for quickly getting stuff off our chests without stabbing our neighbors with the sharp thoughts and words we have extracted from ourselves. Moving on is the fine art of getting back to business for the sake of what we often lose sight of in the quest to "be right." that would be our vision and its accompanying goals.

Purpose is everything.

Which is more important to you, to get where you are going or to punish the person who cut in front of you in line?

Is there something on your mind? handle it and then, get back to the main thing and remember to keep the main thing the main thing.