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Thoughts on The Fellowship of Joy

Most Recent Rant on Fresno Famous

Hyperbolic Emissions is my most recent attempt to express myself on Fresno Famous. I don't dislike politics. It is how people come together in community to govern themselves. I just  don't like out-of-control partisanship that draws impenetrable lines over which people are discouraged from crossing and tries to label people and entire states with pre-packaged definitions.

What I love is people who defy such definitions and con-fuddle the pundits with their  seemingly slippery self-portrayals.

Beyond that, anyone who loves accuracy and honesty will come to the same conclusion about hyperbole. It obscured truth in the interest of mass appeal. Truth is not complicated, but it is complex. To deny that is to avoid the hard work of truth search and ultimately, to offend the God of truth.