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Wendy Says You Need a PHD!

In an article entitled "What It Takes to Be a Successful Entrepreneur," Wendy Kwek says (among other things:


"I believe that everyone can be successful in business if you set your heart, mind and soul to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur. It takes PHD to succeed in business. That is Passion, Hunger and Drive! (sorry, I do not mean the academic PHD “doctorate”). So, ask yourself this question, do you have the passion to lead an exciting and rewarding life, do you have the hunger for success and do you have the drive and determination to conquer obstables that may come your way. Every time I look for business partners for the various businesses I am in, I look at the PHD level they have."

My word for that, as unveiled in my sermon Sunday is "pyrocardia," a heart on fire.

Romans 12:11 lays it out:

"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." (NIV)

Lacking in zeal is literally getting a case of the "slows." Spiritual fervor is "heat." Serving the Lord has textual variations and is sometimes found as serving the time. While the best texts have serving the Lord, it is also true that this service of God is in time and space and requires seizing opportunities.

As we come to the entrepreneur's table to collaborate and encourage one another in spiritual, social, and business endeavors, let us earn PhDs in passion and catch a good case of pyrocardia.