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Well Intentioned Dragons

JimKang offers a good review of a wonderful book whose title is propelling enough to keep me busy for a while.

Well Intentioned Dragons reminds us that our greatest struggles are not necessarily with people who desire to be evil and hurtful. Some of them actually have good intentions.

"Every church has them sincere, well-meaning Christians who leave ulcers, strained relationships, and hard feelings in their wake. They don't intend to be difficult; they don't consciously plot destruction or breed discontent among the members. But they often do undermine the ministry of the church and make pastors question their calling."

"Well-Intentioned Dragons guides those on church staffs in facing the strenuous task of dealing with difficult people even ministering while under attack. Based on real-life stories of battle-scarred veterans, Marshall Shelley presents a clear picture of God's love for those on both sides of the problem. He describes tested strategies to communicate that love and turn dissidents into disciples."

Perhaps the greatest lesson we need to learn is not to write off problem people by marginalizing or villainizing them.  Applying the love of Jesus in the midst of tension is the true test of His love at work in and through us. it is also our deepest witness to the world.