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From "The Shoestring Conspiracy"

I borrowed this from myself - posting originally to "The Shoestring Conspiracy."

Shoestrings Are Cheap    

I wrote a while back about broken shoestrings.

Now, I must confess something. I seldom replace them. I tie frayed ends together and make do. I have several pair of really nice shoes with broken strings that I could easily replace.

Why don't I?

It is picky, tedious work. It requires going to the store for a nickle and dime item (I actually don't know what they cost), coming home, untying the old, and replacing it - sometimes with small finger movements.

"Poor baby," you must be saying. "It is soooo haaaaard being you."

I know - and I could argue that time is money or ministry and you could argue about how much more effective I would be if I would just invest a little bit of time, effort, and coin in some little things - a little effort with a big return.

And you would be right.

I told you that you were smart. Do you get the point?

Let's give a Little attention to detail and benefit greatly.      

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