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Seven Tenths of a Pound

When I joined George Brown Sports Club on Wednesday, the general manager told me that January is the busiest month in the fitness industry. More gym memberships are sold and attendance at the clubs is higher.

That is spelled, "r-e-s-o-l-u-t-i-o-n-s."

It may work for me.

I haven't exercised since September of 2004 when iI broke my foot, had surgery, and developed a blood clot. Any excuse will do.

I had my second workout today. I did the cardio-vascular thing and then some weight training. Before I dressed out, I had a protein shake and before I exercised, I weighed: 377.4 pounds.

After I was done, I weighed and The number was 376.7. That is 7/10 of a pound. I'll take it - even if it was all perspiration .

Any encouragement will do.

And there is the choice. I can go with the encouragement or the excuse. So can you.