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People Meeting People

We had two new outstanding members in Toastmaster's. It made me think about networking and where we network. Both of them were able to present a pithy introducion of who they were, why they had come, and what they were about in terms of mission and goals.

We can network anywhere and at any time. I met two people at different times at Starbucks this morning who were more than ready to tell me about their businesses. I sensed and was energized by their passion .

Toastmasters is also and, perhaps more so, because it is populated with highly motivated people who are deeply interested in their own growth and development. They are also predisposed toward networking.

Entrepreneur's, social, business, and spiritual, must always be wearing their networking suits when in public. The best and easiest contacts will be in places where people of influence, passion, and dreams hang out. I would also include some spots where young adults can be found. They may \not have solidified their life missions, but they are on the prowl for significance.

At Starbucks, I met Simon Terronez, Jr. I noticed the insignia on his shirt, "Valley Remnants and Rolls" and mentioned I had heard their sponsorship announcements on the local NPR station. He thanked me. At the cream and sugar station, I asked him what set his business apart from his competitors. He had a ready and impressive answer; excellent service and competitive pricing. Then  he added that I would see the difference if I visited the showroom I(which is, by the way at 1820 E McKinley in Fresno - 559-445-0206).

I sat down and he left, but he was back in less than a minute with a card (from which I am blogging the details here) inviting me to come in whenever he could be of service.

That is networking.