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January 2007

Notes and Ideas

A mental note isn't worth the paper it is written on.

You can make mental notes all day long, but they lack the safety features of paper and digital notes. For one thing, you lose them. They exist, but they are floating out there is a closet of cerebral clutter and are only retrieved when looking for something else and usually after a deadline has long expired.

Another problem with mental notes is that they are subject to the distortions of time. It has been demonstrated by neurological researchers that eye-witness accounts are often unreliable and altered by time and intermingling with other memories.

Perhaps that is why the Bible required two eye-witnesses before a person could be convicted of a capital crime.

Then, mental notes are often relegated to lists of lesser leverage in our thinking simply because we did not render them important enough at the moment to write them down.

I have noticed a habit being practiced by my friend, Philip Brewer, a life-coach and artist here in Fresno. He always has a note pad handy and uses it often to record ideas, references, bibliographical information, web site URLs and reminders to himself. no wonder he is sought out as a coach and mentor. By the way, his Steeple Chaser site is worth a visit as is I will list his cartoon site as soon as I can remember the URL.

Case in Point: I forgot to make time and space note and my mental faculties failed me.

Entrepreneurs eat ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Good ideas are worth remembering and writing down. so are not-so-good ideas. They can be sorted out later or even trigger good ideas.

Now, having written this, i have made a note to myself to take more notes. If you get some benefit from the suggestions as well, that's good.

Now, i need to go back and read some of my notes.


Make a note of this: My friend and our Skate Church Pastor, Bill Tucker is a local entrepreneur with a  vision. He set up Toner Overnight to meet a need and deserves your patronage. He will do a good job for you.

New Mangosteen Site

I have set up a new site affiliation for information about the health benefits of mangosteen. There are also some significant business possibilities.

Here is the site. It speaks for itself:


I am extremely busy with ministry, writing, and consulting and have not focused on this as a business. However, I believe strongly in the concepts of network marketing and I have found numerous personal benefits in mangosteen.

I have some partners and friends who would be superior mentors to anyone interested in this as a business and I will give asmuch personal help as possible,

Seven Tenths of a Pound

When I joined George Brown Sports Club on Wednesday, the general manager told me that January is the busiest month in the fitness industry. More gym memberships are sold and attendance at the clubs is higher.

That is spelled, "r-e-s-o-l-u-t-i-o-n-s."

It may work for me.

I haven't exercised since September of 2004 when iI broke my foot, had surgery, and developed a blood clot. Any excuse will do.

I had my second workout today. I did the cardio-vascular thing and then some weight training. Before I dressed out, I had a protein shake and before I exercised, I weighed: 377.4 pounds.

After I was done, I weighed and The number was 376.7. That is 7/10 of a pound. I'll take it - even if it was all perspiration .

Any encouragement will do.

And there is the choice. I can go with the encouragement or the excuse. So can you.

My New Hero

I just heard the interview with Raff Esquith on NPR. I must say that he has made my heroes list.

I'll let the interview, excerpt, and book speak for themselves, but i am truly impressed by the energy, commitment, creativity, and thinking of this master teacher.

Answer Bag

I have stepped out of most of my roles lately to participate in an interactive site called, Answerbag. There are a variety of characters there conversing on any number of subjects. Questions are asked, answered, and rated.

It is another example of a thriving online community.

It is also an example of a business success arising from the active imagination and determination of Joel Downs of Demand Media Inc.

What I like about this is that it is multi-generational and user driven.

My own communities, The Religion Forum and Christian Fellowship Forum are  quite specific and are also examples of cyber-locations where people can relate to each other and dig into subjects.

These are also places where budding writers can practice their skills.

People Meeting People

We had two new outstanding members in Toastmaster's. It made me think about networking and where we network. Both of them were able to present a pithy introducion of who they were, why they had come, and what they were about in terms of mission and goals.

We can network anywhere and at any time. I met two people at different times at Starbucks this morning who were more than ready to tell me about their businesses. I sensed and was energized by their passion .

Toastmasters is also and, perhaps more so, because it is populated with highly motivated people who are deeply interested in their own growth and development. They are also predisposed toward networking.

Entrepreneur's, social, business, and spiritual, must always be wearing their networking suits when in public. The best and easiest contacts will be in places where people of influence, passion, and dreams hang out. I would also include some spots where young adults can be found. They may \not have solidified their life missions, but they are on the prowl for significance.

At Starbucks, I met Simon Terronez, Jr. I noticed the insignia on his shirt, "Valley Remnants and Rolls" and mentioned I had heard their sponsorship announcements on the local NPR station. He thanked me. At the cream and sugar station, I asked him what set his business apart from his competitors. He had a ready and impressive answer; excellent service and competitive pricing. Then  he added that I would see the difference if I visited the showroom I(which is, by the way at 1820 E McKinley in Fresno - 559-445-0206).

I sat down and he left, but he was back in less than a minute with a card (from which I am blogging the details here) inviting me to come in whenever he could be of service.

That is networking.