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The Gift Cluttered Parlor

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The Gift Cluttered Parlor

 The world is dark

As a gift cluttered parlor

on Christmas morning

Before the children awaken

from their restless sleep.

Grace steps in softly on tip-toe.

We know its heart and soul

A goal, a light, an arrow in the sky

Why the urge to flee, resist

Insist on proof, bold, aloof and cold?

The old, the young, unsung and poor

A door to truth, a way to find.

Kind words are not enough

The stuff of delusion,

Confusion, and appearance,

A clearance sale, a give-away

Grey to bright, sight to insight

Flight above the clouds and stars,

Jars of life, boxes of love, packages of joy.

The piracy of our privacy

Invades the darkness and

redirects our thoughts

To a manger gift

And lifts our lives

beyond ourselves

To God.