Suddenly Christmas Again
It's Still Christmas

Grand Children

For the last month, we have been deeply engaged with helping to care for our grandsons. It is surprising to me how protective, sacrificial, and disoriented one can become when faced with overwhelming need from children who are so helpless, yet hopeful. I have found myself willing and able to put all of my goals and projects on hold in order to care for them.

These two boys remind me what is is to be in a perpetual state of discovery and wonder. So much is new. It would be new for us as well if we were not too proud to admit that our deficit of knowledge is far more expansive than our storehouses.

Kids help us remember that.

I am sure that not everyone understands how brilliant, creative, charming, and insightful my two grandsons are. After all, it is proprietary information. It is my assignment of the moment and I embrace it.

Of course, I have other assignments as well, and I am in the process of finding and honoring all of the balances.