Solutions Journal - Day 5
Solutions - Day 9 - Obligate and More

SOLUTIONS - Days 6-8 - Innovation and Intercession

Days 6-7 – Reflecting on the journey so far leads me to believe that God has directed my heart toward these specific scriptures with purpose and precision. I did not plan down time from what I intended for my down time, but it has proven productive. Jell-O has to jell, pudding has to “pud,” and stew tastes better in the morning. There have been some surprises in this time of retreat, but I doubt anyone would be surprised by them but me.

Day 8

Deuteronomy 28 Reflections - From verse 1, I had to stop with the words, “carefully follow,” and wonder how much care and attention to detail is required of me. How much have I neglected? How much glossing over have I done in attempt to “get on with it?”

After all, a C-flat is not a C. 439 vibrations do not make a perfect A 440. If I am off an inch, I am off a mile except that the correction for the fine tuning may be a bit more excruciating. Excellence is always achieved in the fine tuning.

That goes to the issues of INNOVATION and INTERCESSION. Joel 2:28 associates the work of the Spirit with dreaming dreams and seeing visions. Daniel (9:17-23) was a dreamer and an intercessor. His vision for the future was rooted in God’s past favors to Israel, but also in a reality that none around him could see. As he prayed, Gabriel the angel came to give him understanding. Gabriel told him that as soon as he began to pray, the answer was given.

Note that the answer was given even before Daniel knew it.

This is the fine tuning we/I need in this journey. To intercede with innovation in mind is the key. It not innovation that I invent for the sake of novelty, but God’s ideas coming to us in prayer that are solutions we have not previously imagined. They may not be new from an eternal perspective, but they are profoundly new in terms of what we have been willing to believe God for so far.

Deuteronomy 28:3 says we will be blessed in the country and blessed in the city. I have been blessed in the country for the last week. It is now almost time to return home and be blessed in the city.