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Setting the Table


I am looking at integrating the Entrepreneur's table with the ministry of the local church and modelling it in our congregation.

What is your impression about how much Proverbs and the rest of the Bible have to say about these issues is the following list?


Wealth and accumulation of wealth

Justice for the poor

Fair business practices

Advice for attaining prosperity


Stewardship of wealth

Giving and generosity?


My observation is that it is a major topic in Proverbs, In what ways has God's church limited its message and help in these areas? I think it is major as well.

We reluctantly address tithing when absolutely necessary and our backs are agains the wall - but we say very little about wealth definition, accumulation, preservation, and stewardship beyond giving to worthy causes.


What are some solutions for being more wholistic in our approach? What fears or obstacles might we face? These are some of the questions we recently addressed wioth our congregation.


To what extent might we have to invent a solution as we go along? Where might we find resources?

Suppose a group began to meet regularly to study God’s principles of wealth & business and with the opportunity to support, collaborate, work together on some projects, and pray for each other? What else might we include?


Who do you think might be interested in your own community? When, how often, and for how long should we meet?  what about combin ing it with the activites of a leads group? Perhaps we would invite in leaders in various network marketing businesses? would they come?


How might we use it as a tool for evangelism and discipleship?


Might God be using our crises in giving in the churches to birth something great that will bless our communities and the church as a whole?