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Writing Your Own Ticket

Network or Multi-Level marketing is a Golden-Rule business when done properly, with integrity, and with the right company. There have been plenty of abuses, but there are also many, many success stories. You build communities of people who do business together, support each other, and share a passion for their dreams. You work smarter and leverage your time by equipping other people for success. You don't make a dime unless you help them make a dollar.

It is no replacement for your faith and your service to God and humanity, but it can help you build your faith and support your ministry. If you keep things in perspective, you can begin to take charge of some areas of your life which have had a tendancy to take charge of you.

Money is a terrible master, but a pretty nice slave.

Writing your own ticket means that you make money less of an issue in your life, less of a topic in your conversations and thoughts, and less of a driving force in your life. It may seem paradoxical, but if you can create some streams of income, money will become less important to you.

Who thinks more about money - those who have what they need or those who are living on the edge of financial disaster?

Robert Kiosaki calls network marketing the business school for people who like helping people. Order his book at the link below. He also calls it "the franchise for the average man."

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For Your Health
Nutritionals  - Natural from Nutrilite  The oldest vitamin company in the world is also one of the most credible. If you are looking for a business opportunity go straight to this page: Nutritional Opportunity.

Give the Perfect Gift - Let Them Choose The gift/incentive program eliminates "hit and miss" shopping. This is the same mother company as the nutritional business ablove.

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Your Online Fundraising Campaign Fund raising program. Your Online Fundraising Campaign We are have seen success and potential with Magazine fundraising with this link.If you don't need a fund raiser and just want to help an inner city church, click this link.

There are some wonderful opportunities to do honest business through affiliate marketing and network marketing. I have a list of such opportunities and their relative advantages and disadvantages for anyone who writes me about them. The key is to evaluate the company's integrity, the value of the product, its marketability, and your own personality and interests. Then go with something about which you can become passionate.

Giving back is part of being successful as well as accumulating wealth. Here is an oppportunity to share: Give to the March of Dimes

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Finding a company you like is important, but it is even more crucial to get on the right team with the right kind of mentors. shop for a good mentor. He/she will be available in person or by phone, honest, realistic, encouraging, and likeable.

He/she will also be a student with good mentors of his/her own.

speaking of people in business, my old Discover Mangosteen link is dead. Use this one if you want to find out more about Xango, the product and the opportunity: Discover Mangosteen. I use this product and, while I am not extremely active at marketing it, I receomend it highly and have seen some results that people attribute to mangosteen that impress me greatly. It is a good company with some good folks and a sound marketing and compensation plan.

I would love to work with you in one of my businesses or refer you to a friend.

Recently, I have become very impressed with what Pre-Paid Legal has to offer in compensation and in product. My friend, Doug Bloomer is building a great business. We are friends from Toastmasters.I would be happy to get you information on that opprtunity and get you in touch with someone like Doug who can help you. Our church is affiliated. E-Mail me.

New programs seem to emerge weekly. Some are good; some are not so good. The MLM Blog is a good source of information and so are primary sources. Learn to read the company's pitch and read between the lines as well. Don't believe all negative possibility. Sour grapes can produce that. Don't take all the positive at face value either. A busin ess is what you make of it and they all take work.

Remember, a good business requires digits, widgets, and fidgets. More on that later.

Usana is a good company with a quality product. A friend of mine is involved and as I typed this, he was making a presentation at the next table. i can't do everything an d you can't either. Find what suits you and a team with whom you can work. Yoyu are choosing a business and a set of best friends.

Right now, I am looking into Eniva and so far, I am impressed. But what is right for you?

Again - keep it in perspective. Nothing comes before your relationship with god, your family, and your calling to minister and make a positive impact in the world. In the quest for wealth, do not trample on the poor or neglect service for which there is no material compensation. But if you are going to do business and if you need to make money, consider leveraging your time by building communities and working smarter.

And if you don't like the way you have been approached by these programs in the past, do it differently.