The Hands of Time
Long Dash

What About Now?

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I am as efficient at the art of procrastination as anyone I know. I know that you can put off a decision until it is irrelevant. That way, you never have to say "no" or commit to a "yes."

I am proficient at avoiding a task until the last minute and renegotiating my schedule with myself many times a day.

I also know that this lifestyle is stressful and often, unproductive. For that reason, I have been working on the issue.

For instance, there is an emerging sense of the power of a moment to whittle away at a long term task, the energy of a few minutes focused on a job that may even facilitate completion. I can do something now that will have far-reaching benefits. I don't need a full hour for every task, nor do I have to schedule it in the future.

II Corinthians 6:2 puts it all in a theological context,

"...I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation."

I was playing with my calendar this morning and had spent considerable time scheduling small an d large jobs, appointments, and events. In frustration, I realized that I had not scheduled a significant time slot for writing my blog and had, in fact, missed several days.

Then, there was that inner voice whispering in my ear, saying, "What about now?"

"But I don't have enough time?"

"You have some. Do what you can."

So, here you are. That was 11 minutes and I am glad I posted something.

Now, it is off to the races.

Do something.