Parable of the Life-Saving Station
What Does It Take to Get Good Contacts?

Tools, Drools, and Fools

Funny Day - most of it at St Arbucks (Thanks for the nomenclature, Dave.)

It started with my speech to Toastmaster's about inviting people to Toastmasters - got to do that within the hour.

I met a very inspiring young woman and tried to inspire her a little more.

Also at Starbucks - saw one of my phlebotomists since I was next to the blood bank. I told her (she didn't know me and I just recognized the uniform) that I thought it must be time to give again. She said I ought to wait for a call or card.

The call came first - ten minutes later.

I went in later in the afternoon, but I'd had too much coffee, was dehydrated and I couldn't make the fiftenn minute pump maximum. They said I needed another 3 minutes and had to throw away all that blood - sad since they needed it.

But I did get to tell my story to 4 or 5 people who thought it was odd and wonderful

Also ... I had a nice visit with the E.D., Dean Elder who often and curiously stops by while the blood is being drawn  which sends the ladies with the needles into an unwarranted nervous frenzy. I was once passed through THREE needle stickers.

As it was, Dean had to excuse himself twice to help rescue fainting women. We wondered if maybe he should stay in his office. He did well, though and said it was a very unusual day.

I knew that was true.

Mine was.

Dean is an outstanding guy with a passion for his work, a mission to save lives, and the fond respect of all his staff and volunteers. The Central California Blood Center is one of the best run operations of its kind (or any other) that I know of. Links later.

So far, not so foolish.

I dropped into Office Depot to look at the laptops. Mine is entering old age and needs to a slower pace.

There was a deal I couldn't refuse - DROOL.

But I walked away.

Then I called the one who I thought was most likely to affirm my decision to resist. She said to go back and buy it.  It is a TOOL I can't really do without anymore and if old Bessie goes south without a backup, I'd feel like a FOOL.

Actually, I thought she had died this morning. Everything locked up.

Now that I have a pretender to the throne waiting in the wings, she is working just fine and I am backing everything up.

intersperse all of this with some real work, study, writing, phone calling, prayer, contacts, and clever observations.

I don't k now if this seems interesting to anyone but me, but I am amused and ready to go home for dinner.

Now I am late.