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Poll Results for Peace on Earth

Here are the tentaive results of the Religion Forum poll I set up a while back. I am bit disappointed by the percentage of those who just gve up.

Peace on Earth - Is it possible?
Impossible - I don't bother
9 Votes (16%)
We can only hope.
5 Votes (9%)
I work for it.
1 Votes (2%)
I pray for it.
10 Votes (18%)
I work and pray for it.
2 Votes (4%)
I vote for it.
0 Votes (0%)
I work for it and vote for it.
4 Votes (7%)
I work, pray, and vote for it.
2 Votes (4%)
It starts with me. I live it.
10 Votes (18%)
I work, pray, vote, and live for it.
12 Votes (22%)

You can still discuss the question:

DISCUSS  or you can vote on the Front Page of the forum.

Others will prefer the Christian Fellowship Forum and its friendlier stance toward Christianity. I am the manager of both, but Religion Forum is a neutral ground  and meeting place for people of all faiths of no faith. There are slightly different rules for each, but respect is the order of the day in both.

One of my fine staff members, Brenda posted this poll in Fellowship some weeks ago: How Often Do You Pray?

Some might be interested in our What's Hot messages there:

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Don't forget to check out the blog updates a few entries down.

I sort of enjoyed writing my rules for meetings a while back.