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In his article in The Ooze, The Paradox of a Divided Church Called to Be Reconcilers to the World, Andy Morgan states, " The church has become an impersonal club – a place where you go to once a week and then leave to go back to normal life. Those with needs or problems are seen as a burden because they disrupt the ‘normal’ functional life of the church which is about the Sunday service going smoothly and uninterrupted. "

On two screens, he makes the case for why it is difficult for the church today to be what it is called to be, but offers a hopeful challenge as he begins to draw the article toward an end:

" If the church is to become a reconciler, a peacemaker, then we need to re-think how we exist as believers. Alan Krieder gives four attitudes and four skills of a peacemaker. The attitudes are; humility, commitment to the safety of others, acceptance of conflict and hope. The four skills are; truthful speech, expectant listening, alertness to community and good process (making decisions which are truthful, just and corporate.) While these skills and attitudes can be taught they need to be lived. They must become apart of the DNA of the Church Leader. Powerlessness, brokenness and servanthood are resident within these skills and attitudes."

He then says that the primary changes must begin where pastors and other church leaders are trained.

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