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I Joined MySpace

Well, actually, I joined it a while back. What I did today was set up my profile and post my first blog entry. Why - well, you can read why when you get there.

Seriously, it is nothing special, but want an avenue to relate to the young people God brings into my life.

So there.

Some time back, I read one of the best books on network marketing available. It is a great tool by a truly credible guy (even more credible since he's done a PBS special), Robert Kiosaki.

The Business School of People Who Like Helping People makes the case for networking based upon the educational values in the business well as the notion of duplication.

If the business can be duplicated, then wealth can be shared and others can come under the umbrella of success. It has been often said that in networking, the sponsor does not make a dime until he/she helps the person in his.her downline make a buck.

It creates financial incentives for practicing the Golden Rule - which we need to be practicing with or without them.

By the way, Rich Dad's website and tools is also an affiliate business and you are welcome to set up your own links and profit from them. I just want to practice what I preach!

Back to MySpace, it will remain to see how that goes. So far I only have one friend and he seems to be everyone's mechanical friend.

Oh well. We hsall see.