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Brian Mclaren in God's Politics

Without letting on to any hidden information about his voting preferences or party affiliation, Brian McLaren gives three categories of concern for Christians in determining how they will vote. As a guest blogger on Jim Wallis' "God's Politics," McLaren addresses "Three Values for Voters to Consider."

These, he explains are first, the earth, second, the poor, and third, war.

Regarding the earth, he states that because of our stewardship over and dependence upon the earth, "we must intervene when human beings through greed or  ignorance damage the earth"

He does not spell out specifically what that looks like, but points the light of scripture at the reality as an area of important consideration for followers of Jesus.

Regarding the poor, he leans in the direction of a time honored biblical position that God, the champion on the poor, mandates that His people be concerned with justice toward them.Commenting on the growing rift and gap between the rich and poor of the world, he posits that we must narrow the gap.

How that gap is to be narrowed continues to be a point of contention between economic "conservatives" and economic "liberals," but no honest Christian upon examining the scriptures can be indifferent to the need and disengaged from the search for solutions.

McLaren will, no doubt raise eyebrows and ire by not incl duding corporate concern for matters of personal and familial morality. No doubt they are of interest to him, but they do not make his top three.

Of course, one might slide the abortion issue into that category. Perhaps any number of social issues would find a home there.

In the third slot, he places war and reconciliation.

"The growth of religious, ethnic, political, and racial hatred contradicts and conflicts with the message of Jesus, which is a call to reconciliation with God and neighbor and enemy ."

Crime did not make the list (unless it is a subcategory of poverty), nor did many of the other favorite causes of Evangelicals.

Concerning the mater, "Huck Finn" commented, " A "justice" agenda that ignores the shedding of innocent blood (i.e. the killing of unborn babies for convenience) is a sham."

Brad said, " Why ignore abortion, the death penalty, etc.? Is avoiding war really the only life issue worthy of consideration?" He went on the suggest that, " ... he entire spectrum of the Catholic "seamless garment" (including war, the death penalty, etc.)"be added to the list.

In the realm of politics, any simplistic  language is likely to leave important issues and considerations in the dust. Let that be a warning that we are in for another two years of least-common-denominator thinking, meaningless sound bytes, deceptive labels, manipulation, mudslinging, and lesser of evil choices.

At least someone is addressing issues without regard to party or candidate. Perhaps one contribution that intelligent Christians of all stripes could make would be to lift the national dialog to something resembling intelligence and an honest search for truth.