By the Way

What I Am Reading

I am reviewing some books by John Maxwell and a few other authors.  I am also reading a book on maximum engagement which seems appropriate for a slow down. That review will be coming. This is "get your head above water time" and it is quite productive. For a vacation, I''ve spent nearly the entire day in front of this computer - except for the Bible study this morning. We finished Philippians - again.

"Think on these things" is a powerful concept -especially as I am considering total engagement. The mind is the arena where God  shapes us as surely as He does our spirits.

The young man I was doing the study with suggested a correlation between love and faith in a context I had not considered. Not that I had never seen a relationship. He simply shed new light.

I owe Henry Neufeld a pile of work and a truckload of thanks for his aggregator. I'll get there, Henry!

I am sorting through some of my affiliate relationships and playing with the business side of all this. I have sorted through some. They are all pretty exciting. Feel free to download and visit some of these sites:

"Think on these things."

On what have I thought today. Cutting and pasting is pretty mindless as an activity, but it has given me some precious moments when I have not been problem-solving to reflect on higher matters.

"Whatsoever things are lovely."

I think I will focus on that as a meditation for a few moments. Excuse me while I mull it over.

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