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The MultiLeveler and Ty Tribble

I am not in lockstep on all of Ty Tribble's conclusions at The MultiLeveler, but he has some valuable insights for bringing network marketing into the 21st century.

Speciifcally, I don't buy Costco's assertion that its mangosteen has more Xanthones than Xango. It is not the "first to market" response that carries the day. That fact is that they cannot get as many Xanthones in the body with their extract as Xango does with the whole fruit including the pericarp where most reside.

Then, I think his assessment of Quixtar has a mix of value (namely, suggestions for making that excelent business better) and pessimism.  Alticor may be big and it may not be as interactively savvy as market leaders, but it is making some great strides and has the credibility and structure to stand the test of time.

Any IBO can chart the course of his or her own business by creatively working within the given parameters. I intend to learn a great deal about blog-networking from Ty.

He is right. The industry is growing and cannot be stopped. It pays to shop for the right company and do it the right way.

Specifically, I have extracted some key ideas:

""Product saturation in Network Marketing has never happened. New people still buy vitamins, make-up and phone service every day. Frankly, there has never been any proof of product saturation in the history of Network Marketing.""

That is true and thousands turn 18 every day.

Here is another:

Here are some MLM 2.0 ideas:

  • Embrace Web 2.0: blogs, wikis, tags, and rss
  • Tell the truth. Most of the complaints about MLM 1.0 have to do with honesty.
  • Training your business partners should not be a profit center.
  • Don't hound people.
  • Get product pricing under control: The $80 multi-vitamin is no longer acceptable.
  • Life Balance: Exercise, Family Time, Work Time and Business Time.""

Good stufff  - especially about integrity anmd hoesty.

I am going to be reading the archives and keeping up with Ty's postings.