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Some Updated Blog Snippets

From the Shoestring Conspiracy: Our shoes are on our feet and ready to be tied. We are somewhere between desparately late and deeply enthused about what is to come of our days. The last thing we want to do is spend one more moment than necessary in the mundane tasks of tying strings or or buttoning shirts. Yet, they must be done and, when all goes well, life is good..  More

From Road to Success Ministries : We thought you'd like to meet our founder, Mike Lenhof. Mike has a vision to help people with disabilities like himself become independent, self-reliant, and productive in society.

He is a purpose-driven person who is devoted to Jesus Christ and deeply desires to follow God's call in this ministry. Mike is an entrepreneur who has years of experience in sales. He is married and about to celebrate the first anniversery of his marriage to Dianne, the love of his life.

More on Mike and Road to Success Ministries

From the Mangosteen Journal - Xango has come to Bermuda:

"A DIETARY supplement drink is being aggressively marketed in Bermuda, and its manufacturers are hoping residents will embrace its health benefits as eagerly as people have elsewhere.:

From The Entrepreneur's Table - It Takes Time

We previously discussed the "EYE"s of time but did not exhaust the topic by any means. Everything takes time - especially if they are important enough to deserve our attention and effort. Here is yet another acronym: TIME, with the "t" for temperance, tenacity and transience, the "i" for indeterminate, individual, and instantaneous, the "m" for mastery, magnification, and ministry, and the "e" for experience, expectation, and excitement. More at It Takes Time.

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