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How to Pray in Time of War

Organizing and Indexing

I can't put everything in the same place, so I have made a feeble attempt at some organization in my thinking. Here is a roadmap of some recent posts hither and yon that I have been publishing.

Becoming a ROOTS Church: M. Scott Peck introduced us to the concept of being a “radical conservative – namely a person who always wants to get back to the “radix” or root of the matter. What does that mean for the church? See ROOTS at Transformational Communities .

Transformational Communities – 7 “E” s . If the church is not a transformational community impacting individuals, communities, and society, it is nothing at all.

Speaking of transformation. The spoken word remains one of the most effective tools for transformation that God has given us. Learning to speak effectively and inspirationally is one of the major stepping stones for transformational leadership and success. For those who want to kick it up a notch and take their speaking to the next level and are willing to spend the time and money for excellence, read this entry one more time. Marcia's workshop is a must for you.

The Road to Success is a workshop I have taught about 10 times in various locations. I decided to offer the outline at the Entrepreneur's Table

It is co-published at Vast Possibilities

What are VAST possibilities anyway?  See for yourself :http://vast-possibilities.blogspot.com

Here are some suggestions for those interested in developing New Life Patterns. So often, it is not an isolated behavior that is interfering with our goals, but a pattern that has become habitual and self-rewarding. We need a framework for change.
 Recently, I broached the question, “What is spiritual entrepreneurship?"

So, what is it?

I have started publishing some sermon seeds, sprouts, and starters that I have been sitting on for a while. Enjoy and develop. Give credit wherever it is due.  http://pastortomsermons.blogspot.com/

For a number of years, 31 to be a bit more exact, I have been aware that most ministries, like my own, operate on a shoestring financially. But lack of funds is no excuse for not doing ministry. I have been collecting ideas and “starters” for all these years and have begun to publish them here. I call it the Shoestring Conspiracy

I have some other projects that continue:

Writing on Luke
Reflecting on Proverbs
Wandering down the Roman Road

Why these three? Because they are a part of my regular teaching/preaching/study schedule at this time. I am also still teaching Philippians and have my book almost ready for publication.

I have some wandering reflections that I have started posting at Streams of Consciousness  including a Father's Day reflection.

I have no intention of abandoning my friends in Polecat Hollow since they are often the lenses through which I perceive and the mouthpiece through which I communicate truth to children as well as adults.

Everyone needs a journal . I just do mine online and over the phone. If you want to have me actually talk to you and can play MP3 format, visit, Pastor Tom's Journal.

We must care for our whole selves - body - mind - spirit. We are integrated and interrelated.