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No Excuses - Integrity

Img_0151As I set out to type this entry about Integrity and specifically, "no excuses," I kept hitting the "m" instead of the "N." As a result, I was getting MO excuses rather than NO excuses.

I am absolutely certain that there is a lesson in that slip of the fingers. 

In the processes of eliminating my excuses, more and more present themselves. My soul is on alert for anything that can get me off the hook for my choices.  It takes a conscious effort to go back and type in the right letter so that I can have the integrity of taking responsibility for my actions.

If I run out of time for projects at the end of the day because I wasted time in the middle, I have no excuses even though I've had plenty of time to dream "mo" of them up. If I fail to reach my goals it may be because they were unrealistic or because I could not anticipate all the contingencies, or because I did not bother to do all my homework and keep on keeping on.

Excuses take time I do not have, so I cannot afford them. I do better to recognize where I went wrong and make changes there.

Excuses obscure the dream because they take us to a default position which says, "IT not your fault. It is an impossible task. No one could have done any better than you did."

Do you see the subtle message that sabotages the dream? We are checking off the box that says, "I can't change. I can never do better. I can never be more."

Excuses, not responsibility kick us in the rear end because they drag us down into a stagnant pool of stinking impossibility thinking.

I'll go with integrity. At least that way, I can do better tomorrow.

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