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New Stuff on Pastor Tom's Garden of Sermon Seeds & Sprouts

I've added some preaching/teaching material at Pastor Tom's Garden of Sermon Seeds and Sprouts . Most notable and enjoyable for me are a collection of Red Skelton quotes that I gleaned from Clown Ministry . Red's enduring contribution to the world is that you don't have to be crude to be funny. He also reminds us that being silly and laughing at oneself are virtues that keep us healthy.

I conversed with an lady on an ocassion about 20 years ago (or more) who told me about meeting Red in a mall in Palm Springs while his wife was shopping. Like many husbands, he could not keep up with her and had sat down to rest while she went relentlessly about her business.

He engaged freely in a friendly conversation with these two elederly ladies for some time.

I asked the story-teller what he said when they parted. I knew what the answer would be - or at least hoped. She told me that he said, "God bless." *

God bless you too, Red ... and God bless you Clown Ministry.

* "God bless" sounds like _ "Go-wad Bleaas."