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I posted my last note from Starbucks in Clovis (Armstrong and Shaw). As much as I had touted the new lunch menu, I had not tried it. Now I can report good news. The half a taragon chicked sandwich with cranberries I tasted as a sample was delicious. The young man who enthusiastically recomended it to me was right - It goes straight to the center of your tongue and from there, to your heart.

The main course for me, since it was mid-morning and I had not had lunch, was the cheese and fruit plate ($5.25). The bread was a little dry, but I think that was intended for stylistic purposes. The fruit was fresh; the cheese was magnificent.

Of course, the atmosphere was perfect - no rush, friendly people, enthusiastic staff, a place to plug in my laptop, and a T-Mobile connection (that was a bit pricey).

Now, if I could get an affiliate relationship with Starbucks --- oh never mind  --- it could effect my credibility on this particular subject.

The point - I don't know, just a follow up. The last round of postings was a conceptual endorsement; now I can vouch for the food. Since the air-conditioner is broken in my office, I will most likely be keeping office hours there quite a bit this summer.