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Joining Frenzy

Lately I've been playing catch-up. I've been joining every free online community that I run across and starting blogs all over the place. Most of it is to learn what is available. If I am going to be a resource to my friends, I have to make wise recomendations. I joined MySpace, but I still don't quite "get it." Could it have something to do with being 51 years old?

So I joined Tribes. In fact, I started a discusion group to go with two of my blogs - this one and Entrepreneur's Table. The group is called Entrepreneur's Table and you are hereby invited.

One of the things that attracted me here was the chance to connect locally in my city. While I am an enthusiastic citizen of cyberspace, I know there is a real world here and I value it.

At any rate, I'll learn as I go along and report it here. Just be grateful I don't link EVERYTHING I do.

This is an exciting time in which we are living. While there is a danger of personal communication saturation, there are also wonderful opportunities to connect and grow. Thos are what I want to promote and encourage.