Five People - One Life


It has been a week of surfing and researching in several areas. In coming weeks, I'll be quoting from these and tossing around ideas that I read here, but let me get them here in my journal for future reference for all of us.

Hot Spots of the Blogsphere and Cyberspace:

Brian McLaren's blog. - It goes without saying that McClaren is da-man.

Faith Maps - A new concept inspired by a new concept. More to come on this movement/trend/product.

Allelon has a fine web site, but also a unique way of communicating their statement of faith which leave me with the conviction that the message does not change as the mode of presentation adapts. Essentially, we are talking about the age old art of translation.

Nelson Searcy's Smart - Loads of valuable leadership information for emerging church leaders as well as business leaders.

Doug Paggit's Blog - Keep up with some key events.

Dan Kimball holds forth with Vintage Faith straight fromSanta Cruz, home of the banana slug and the best boardwalk in America.

Ethics Daily is another Baptist voice in the area of public morality in the same way that Baptists Today provides another take on the news among Baptists. While we are talking along those lines, I was intrigued to find a Southern Baptist Blog Aggregator. What will be thought of next?

Wkipedia's article on the Emerging Church is a pretty good one-stop information shop.

There are several insightful bloggers at Resurgeance. I'll be reading there some.

Back to Smart Leadership and Nelson Searcy, he has a great article on there by  Herb Rubenstein called, "What Leaders Do." Loving lists as I do, I find him very helpful. It is a checklist as a matter of fact and worth a look-see for any leader or those who perceive themselves to be such.


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