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Garrison Keillor and the Movies

In years past, I would build my calendar around broadcasts of "A Prairie Home Companion." I am an avid reader of Garrison Keillor, in my mind an honorary citizen of Lake Wobegon, and an enthusiast for the kind of radio that comes out of St Paul every week.

Keillor inspired me to start telling and writing stories about Polecat Hollow - not as well, but at least to get them out there. I'll post them as I sort them at Polecat Hollow .

I have always known that Keillor was a man of faith, but I am surprised to see him interviewed so sypathetically by Christianity Today in light of the release of his first movie (actually, Robert Altman's) : A Prairie Home Companion (official movie site with trailers).

Keillor has done more for me than I am sure he intended. One of his contributions to my life is a feeling of respect for people wherever they are in life, with all of their idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. He communicates an appreciation for folks, just as they are, learning to appreciate each other and get along.

I once saw a funny play called "Greater Tuna." Folks who took me knew I would like it because I enjoyed stories about small towns. But they also thought I would see the similarities between that town and Lake Wobegon, Polecat Hollow, and Mayberry. There was very little. As I remarked when asked, "In those towns, folks love each other. They see the faults, deal with the irritations, and get along because of that love."

There is so much love in Garrison Keillor's writing - and yet I have never heard him comment on that. That is what draws me to these ficticious towns and inspires me to build such communities - starting with my own church.

I'm skipping the reviews (which I suspect will be good) and going stright to the theater. I won't miss this one.