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Another Jess Sighting

Not to be stalking Jess Moody, but here is another sighting. He responded to a quote and he seems to be doing well. I had no idea he was 80 and I would love to hear him preach out here in the West again. My funny bone needs to be awakened.

From Pastor Tom's Journal: A Little Searching and we caught up with Jess Moody. Thanks to Natala for drawing him into cyberspace (though I suspect he is there all the time).

And that has made all the difference. : "what is the emerging church? Postmodernity": "Anonymous said...

He wrote this to Natala (personal remarks omitted): Noted that you mentioned me. Doris and I are retired, but working all the time. Old Jess Moody is eighty, and preaching every Sunday, and will be teaching at Palm Beach Atlantic (The university I founded 38 years ago.)Everything is great. We were blown out of our condo on the seventeenth floor, and are now living happily in a new condo here in West Palm Beach. ...