Politically Incorrect

Da Vinci Codes and Overloads

First, let's get the overload part out of the way as if I could because I have been (overloadED). It is all of my own making and that's the way it is. But let me be the first to welcome myself back.

Now, concerning Mr. Brown's novel and soon to be released movie, The Da Vinci Code, here it is:

I have started a poll in the Christian Fellowship Forum. You'll see it on the front page for now and you can click to vote and click to comment.  I wrote that poll from a decidedly Christian bias, whcih is fine because I am, after all, decidedly Christian along with the members of that forum.

The second poll was posted in the Religion Forum and it was out of (a) curiosity and (b) a genuine desire to understand how people from non-Christian religious traditions and non-religious people feel about the how discussion. Jump in on the forum's front page: Religion.

Christianity Today has some good articles for reference from varying Christian perspectives. The index to all of these is found here. If you are just interested in Collin Hansen's, "Breaking the Da Vinci Code." I just gave you the link. I was particularly appreciative of a reprintable piece called, "Five Big Questions from the Da Vinci Code," which I reproduced for my church with CT's permission.

Moving Beyond the Movies...
Blogger has a new feature that I will be integrating here. It's free and it's easy. Audio Blogger lets you set up a phone number to call which immediately posts your voice message on your blog. Here is a sample (Note: I usually do these from the car and unrehearsed.): One Sample Entry.

I have more on my Journal. That brings me back to overloads because I am behind on all my blogs. Big plans meet reality.