The Entrepreneur’s Table Part 2 - T

The Entrepreneur’s Table

I believe in network marketing for a number of reasons. The most important one is that at the heart of networking in a high value placed on people helping people, cheering for each others' success, and lifting up those that we introduce to business opportunities.

I have friends in various sub-industries of network marketing and have examined numerous compensation plans. There are similarities and differences in all of them, but at the core of each there are sets of life and business principles that are transferable from company to company. Because of that, I have growing interest in the development of a training system and support process that can be used by different business groups.

Along with that, I am convinced that something like a leads group, specific to the network marketing industry might be of help. Not every company is for every person. People gravitate toward their interests and expertise.

What I am presenting is an Entrepreneur's TABLE with table as an acronym for five areas of interest that I will introduce in my next posting.