The Red Red Robin

More on Priorities, but Even More on Invisible Coaching

I have a little more on priorities at The Entrepreneur's Table.

I find that what I am most interested in is how to help other people be successful in their spiritual lives, businesses, and other endeavors.

I always thought that being out front all the time was the name of the game, but I am getting more joy out of pushing people to the front of the line, investing in their futures, and cheering for their accomplishments.

John said, "He must increase and I must decrease" and Jesus Himself declared that we would do greater works than Him because He was going to the Father. There are a couple of ideas related to coaching that instruct me here.

He was predicting the coming of His Spirit who would be invisible to the world. He would also be the Paraclete/Comforter/Encourager - a inner coach that gets far less credit than He deserves while we get to be up front in service.

The bottom line was that it was still going to be Him working through us, but THROUGH us and not outside of us. He was going to invest His very life into our lives that we might succeed in the only thing that elevates us - servanthood.

As a coach, encourager, pastor, and friend, I take this to heart. I am nothing like the Holy Spirit and I am not Jesus - but I am in relationship with Him and am called to be His instrument. As I encourage others to move to the front, I must become less visible and totally invested in the progress of others.

That is sound networking, sound discipleship, and sound living.