Entrepreneur's Table Part 4 - B

Building Blocks - Principles

Principles govern the universe. They flow from truth in a steady stream of endless provision. They translate the incomprehensible into concepts that we can grasp and apply. They come to us as multi-faceted diamonds and allow us to examine them from all sides as the light shines on them and illuminates the realities onto which it is deflected.

Principles are timeless. While their specific applications may change, their nature does not.

As sea changes occur in the way one generation perceives reality differently from the next and as world views fluctuate, it is not the place of principles to bend, but to be communicated in new ways whether by precept or by story. While the medium may be the massage, it is not the message.

We need not be threatened by change of style, culture, and thought patterns when we understand how durable and adaptable basic principles are. Their character is not changed in the process of translation.

In network marketing, their are numerous media for presentation of the message, as many compensation plans as there are fresh ideas, differences in nomenclature, and product variations limited only by imagination. Yet, through it all, certain principles continue to apply and, at an entrepreneur's table, these can be discussed and encouraged.

Bypass the principles and whatever strategy you wish to employ becomes useless. Apply them and prosper.

All of this makes sense in other contexts as well - any business, education, philosophy, and theology. Principles endure.