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Why I Believe in Supplements

I have been discussing supplements with some of my Religion Forum friends.

The discussion arose after revelation of a recent study in San Francisco of Saw Palmetto indicating it may not be as efficacious a once thought in the prevention of prostate problems in men.

It was suggested that what separates the pharmaceutical industry from the health and wellness supplement industry is double blind studies. The implication is that drugs are better because they have been tested on humans for a few years in some sort of isolation and that the results from te tests are unbiased.

Don't get me wrong, I want drugs tested in double-blind studies.

However, double blind studies cannot anticipate the most serious issues with drugs: interactions.

They are appropriate for new products. Most supplements, if they are of quality grade and not faddish, are nothing new. They are based on decades of experience and previously examined scientific and nurtitional knowledge. They are not artificial for the most part and are also for the most part, not dangerous and seldom addictive.

In other words, nutraceuticals are products put together as naturally as possible from "products" that are taken from the earth and placed on earth by God for our food and health.

Granted, there are poorly made supplements, and kooky products with kooky claims. There are extracts being offered when whole foods are available. And there are vitamin products that are mostly filler. Beyond that, there are products that are synthetically produced with poor results.

We do know some things from research - at least I think we do.This is a layman's view, but I am my own primary care giver and these I assume.

As my own primary care giver, I am committed to educating myself. Here are some sources:

* Dr, Ray Strand - What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You.

What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You
By Ray D. Strand, M.D. / Thomas Nelson / W

After seeing tremendous results in patients receiving nutritional therapy, Dr. Strand started researching this controversial branch of medicine. His documented findings are dramatic. Discover what the evidence indicates about the real root cause of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. Understand your body's silent enemy---oxidative stress---and learn to turbo-charge your natural healing power! 256 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

* Better Life Institute

1. The body needs nutrients to function properly.

2. Certain nutrients have certain effects. Some of the chemical compounds have been identified; some haven't. Some plants and herbs contain these nutrients and we have known that all along. Others exist in nature and we are not aware of them yet. As long as we can keep from destroying every habitat we do not feel is useful to our economy on this planet, we will keep finding them.

3. Not all of those nutrients are found in processed foods at the levels they used to be found because processing and time deplete the nutrient levels in food and failure to practice responsible agriculture has depleted soils of important minerals. In the healthiest of all possible worlds, we would all have our own gardens and practice crop rotation and natural farming without perticides.

4. It is possible to freeze dry plant products from organic farms within 45 minutes of harvest and capture the nutrients that are in danger of being depleted.

5. Those freeze dried plant products can be compressed under pharmaceutical grade conditions into the size of what we call "supplements."

6. We can swallow the product and get nutrients that promote optimal health by engaging the body's natural ability to heal itself. When we do this, we are eating food. It should not be a substitute for other kinds of food.

7. We have to beware that we trust the producer because what is says on the bottle may not be in the bottle. There are some farms and factories that are open for tours and scrutiny and submit themselves to thrid party evaluation of the quality of their products.

There will be quacks. But not everyone is a quack. Of course we should be careful, but we also need to be careful about drugs. Seldom is one practioner on top of all a patient's medications who actually understands the interactions of the chemicals. No one understands them all.

The national epidemic of diabtes among young people is related to eating habits and lack of activity. I don't want to see all of the kids on insulin and other medications for the rest of their lives. No one can predict the long term effects over decades of these drugs on their kidney and liver functions. And I don't want someone who is in immediate danger and needs medications not to have them.

We need to make ourselves aware and take charge of our own health issues. We may not have all the tools, but ultimately, we do have to make all the decisions.

My basic assumptuion is that God is smarter than us about these things and has provided most of what we need for good health in nature.

>>Or, he may linger, neither getting better nor getting worse.  In which case the remedy's enthusiast explain that as in the previous case. Either didn't take enough, or didn't begin soon enough.<<

I know - we all have blinders - but I think I am talking mainly of prevention and wellness and my friend was talking about big-time disease cures in a short period of time. Prevention is where it is Happening. Maximum health - no matter where we are in our current state of health.

I' may have to confess that I had a cheese sandwich for lunch and fried eggs with my coffee for breakfast if you confess to taking a multi-vitamin with your tomato juice <s>.

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