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Back in Fresno/Clovis

It was quite a tour of a big chunk of California, but we are now back. The wedding Saturday was beautiful. Home sweet home really is sweet.

In the memorial service Friday, I did an exposition of the 23rd Psalm with pauses for memories and stories of a rather extraordinary and troubled young man who touched many lives with his unique perspective on life. Randy was a cool kid with a grin that said, "I know something you don't know, and I'm not telling - figure it out for yourself."

Most of the Shepherd Psalm is embedded in our minds and hearts and taken for granted. There are, however, several portions that have taken on new significance for me.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies."

We all have enemies. For Randy it was the bi-polar "disorder" that followed him around and haunted him. For others it is cancer, or a persistent temptation, or feelings of inferiority, or some vendetta that the devil seems to have for us (all of us - He is not our friend) or even real human enemies like David had.

We are in a valley with a break from the battle. They are surrounding us in the rocks along the hills, looking down and sneering, gnashing their teeth, hissing and spitting.

Here comes God with a table, all of His best china and silverware, and a feast. He spreads it all out with the enemies looking on. Then He calls you over and says, "Sit." You go for an inconspicuous seat, but He calls you to the head of the table.

"Sit here. you are my guest of honor."

"Thou preparest a table FOR ME."

And you start to get it. And the enemies are looking on as the God of Heaven serves you --- and they eat their hearts out.

And then God brings over the oil - "Thou anointest my head with oil ..."

What is this oil? Is it the oil of healing? Yes and more.

It is the oil with which David's head was anointed as king. It is the oil of purpose and significance. It is the oil of appointment whereby God says,"You are here for a reason and I am leading you in the right path, the path of righteousness for my own Name's sake. I have a vested interest in you and in your reason for occupying space on this planet. I made you with purpose and I anoint you with significance."

Randy, like every other human being, had a reason for being here and it is not over. Those who gathered in that school multi-purpose room Friday night have been changed by having known him. Part of it was the contribution he made to their lives by giving them memories and love. Part of it was the extra love and energy he drew out of them that they may not have discovered otherwise.

But everyone's cup ran over. None can be measured with mere chronology. Nor can they be evaluated by human standards. Only God can measure the extent to which His purposes have been accomplished in us and through us.

We can celebrate the reality that, with or without our awareness, we have had our needs provided, have been led to green pastures and still waters, have been kept from evil by His presence with us in valleys of dark shadows, and have been followed, all of our lives by goodness and mercy. Then, we can rejoice in the hope of dwelling in His house forever.

Every life counts.