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A New Approach to Terrorism

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TBS News Service - Dateline,   Washington  D.C.   2-15-06  - © 2006,  Thomas B. Sims

 The White House announced this afternoon that it is taking a new approach to the war on terrorism. Instead of fighting all-out war, the President has decided to take a “friendlier approach.” Following his father’s lead to create a “kinder, gentler America, ” the President has decided to try and make friends with some of the known terrorists including Osama Ben Laden if he is willing. In fact, the President said today, as a sign of good faith, Vice President Cheney has invited some of the key leaders of Al Qaeda to join him on a weekend hunting trip.  --- Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

On a serious note, we are praying for Mr. Whittington's full recovery.