It's Monday
Devotional Thoughts for January 23-29

Working from Home Today - Hooray!

Just what are the advantages of working from home?

Well, there is the dress code for one; there is none.

Then, there is the kitchen. I like that feature. It is close; the coffee is brewing; it is close.

I like my desk. It has a phone and an internet connection, a laptop, plenty of books, much of my junk, and a chair. I like sitting in a chair when I work.

It is pretty quiet - very quiet in fact.  People can call on my cell phone or home phone and I can call out, but it is still quiet. I can dial church voice mail sev eral times a day and retrieve messages - and I do.

There is plenty of light. It comes from windows on both sides of the room. Light helps me think and my thinking is more positive in the light. I need to be positive.

I get a lot done here. I miss the interaction with people in and out, but I can schedule that in. Here, I can start early, work in breakfast and lunch without leaving or spending money, and end late. When the day is over, I feel like I have really accomplished some things.

It's not that I don't like my other office. I do. That's why it is sometimes hard to leave. Another reason it is sometimes hard to leave is the drive home. That problem does not exist when I am working at home. I just stand up and wall to the other room.

Tomorrow, I've leave home at about 5:00 A.M.. That is what I do on Fridays. I'll be at the church for prayer by 6:00 A.M., at Toastmaster's by 7:10 A.M., back at church to teach a Bible study on Psalm 119 by 8:30 and from there ... lots of excitement in and out of the office and,at some point, back home to work some more.

So, what did I acomplish today?

Phone calls to members and others.

Fun Fair Flyer - Say that 6 times fast !

Part of the bulletin.

Part of my sermon.

Bible study.

Listened to two sermons and a workshop.


Some writing.


Even more ...

And I did it all in my grubbiest grubbies. It was a good day.

- Tom

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