Food Insecurity in Fresno County



Food insecurity index

All zip codes, census tracts, counties, and county equivalents in the United States are given an index value from 0 (low need) to 100 (high need). To help you find the areas of highest need in your community, the selected locations are ranked from 1 (low need) to 5 (high need) based on their index value relative to similar locations within the region.


Food policy working draft



Download FPC - Fresno Food Policy Council Developent Strategy - Working Draft - 9-30-21.pdf (14061.5K)

Download food policy working draft.PNG (204.5K) Download F3 EDA Grant- Phase 1 News Release_Final.pdf (134.5K)

Map the meal cover 

Download Map the Meal Gap 2022 Report.pdf (20174.2K)