Visalia bank robber images shown - Updates -

Visalia police have released surveillance photos of a man dressed in business attire who robbed the Bank of America on South Mooney Boulevard about 11:30 a.m. Monday.

The robber, who wore a tie and a wide-brim hat, gave a teller a note that demanded money. He then walked out with an undisclosed amount of cash. Police described the robber as an older, heavy-set man.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call detective Steve Lampe at 559-713-4741 

Check for updates throughout the day.


So ... that narrows it down to about 20,000,000 men in the U.S..

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Arson at Fresno's Newman home adds to group's problems - Local -

Sep 23
When arsonists set fire last week to downtown Fresno's Newman home, they made new problems for a faith-based group that has struggled, so far with little success, to restore it and adjacent houses. The fire poked an ugly hole in a block that a century ago housed some of the city's most prominent residents. via
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Plan aims to end chronic Fresno Co. homelessness - Tough Times in the Valley -

Sep 24
The starting point for Fresno's plan to solve its chronic homeless problem is a place called Tent City. Here, clusters of makeshift homes have sprouted on railroad property downtown. Tent City and two smaller encampments nearby, which together house at least 300 homeless residents, are the most visible evidence of the problem -- and the focal point of a plan to end chronic homelessness in Fresno County in the next decade. The plan: First provide housing, then tackle the larger problems, such as mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse that can keep people trapped on the streets. That's a departure...


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