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3 Valley Presbyterian churches part ways - Local -

Three Valley Presbyterian churches have finalized their divorce from the nation's largest Presbyterian denomination, citing differences over the Bible's supreme authority and the possible ordination of gays.

But unlike the split within the Valley's Episcopal diocese, which turned into a bitter court fight, the three congregations are leaving on friendly terms. They have retained their church properties and have agreed to fulfill financial pledges for ministries run by the church they're leaving.


Word on the Street: Fresno company delivers late-night snacks - Business -

After self-described night owls Veronica Hernandez and Ryan Metzdorff returned to their hometown of Fresno, they were disappointed at the lack of available late-night munchies they had become accustomed to in Southern California.

The pair decided to change that: They started their own business, Munchies on Wheels.

Now they deliver "snacks and smokes" from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. on weeknights and until 4 a.m. on weekends. READ MORE

Find and need and meet it. That is what great entrepreneurs do!

Congratulations to these young people for having a great idea and implementing it.

Nasal spray flu vaccine to hit Valley this week - Local -

Thousands of doses of nasal spray are expected to arrive at Valley doctors' offices and health facilities this week to combat the pandemic H1N1 flu virus.

California will receive about 350,000 doses of nasal spray vaccine from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Ronald Owens, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Health.

The nasal spray, intended primarily for young children, is the first round of ammo against the deadly flu strain that emerged earlier this year.


25% in the Valley lack health insurance - Local -

Valley health care comes down to personal needs While emotions can boil over at health-care reform town-hall meetings patients at doctors' offices in Fresno have a calmer view: They agree that the system must change. But few know details of the complex plans that inspired fierce political debate. Instead, they're focused on their own health problems.


Fresno neighborhood left behind - Local -

Five years ago, top City Hall officials gathered in front of the southwest Fresno home of Andrew and Alice Guardado and portrayed the couple as the perfect example of why the city desperately needed No Neighborhood Left Behind.

At a news conference unveiling the proposed $45 million project, with the Guardados standing next to them, city officials said the couple's life would be much improved with curbs, gutters and sidewalks in their neighborhood.

No Neighborhood Left Behind is essentially done, and the Guardados still don't have their curbs, gutters and sidewalks. City Hall forgot about them.

"I feel betrayed," says Alice Guardado, 54.

Adds Andrew Guardado, also 54: "They used us."

via News Blog: Opportunities for empty store fronts

The landscape is littered with the real estate remains of Gottschalks, Mervyns and other retailers, but don't assume other department stores will fill those empty storefronts.
The next occupant could be a church, a call center or even a government agency.

After all, those buildings have attributes that non-retailers also like: Good visibility, ample parking and easy access. Folks at Celebration Church know this, which is why the congregation has leased the 105,700-square-foot former Levitz building on West Shaw Avenue.