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The other day, our car wouldn't start and Jim had to ask a neighbor over to help him jump-start it. There was much rushing in and out of the house looking for flashlights and other tools to help get the job done. After the neighbor left, Jim wanted to drive somewhere and couldn't find the keys. Clearly he had just had them because he was working on the car. Where could they be? We searched up and down throughout the house, but we couldn't find them and eventually had to use a spare set.


Top Psych/Neuroscience posts from : Cognitive Daily

Top Psych/Neuroscience posts from

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Posted on: September 30, 2009 10:56 AM, by Dave Munger

Here are my picks this week for the best psychology/neuroscience posts on


Video: “ADD & Loving It” | ADDed Perspective Blog

Video: “ADD & Loving It”

Watch this great video: ADD and Loving It. I don’t know how much longer this will be available to the public, as I thought last Friday was the last day.

It is still here today: Below is the description from the site.

Canadian comedy legend Patrick McKenna is after the truth. “Everything you think you know about A.D.D. is wrong.” In this one hour documentary he talks to researchers, specialists and doctors about A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. He also chats with ordinary Canadians & Americans who are directly dealing with the challenges of this common problem. Interwoven with these insights, Patrick shares his own life story and his struggle with undiagnosed and untreated A.D.H.D, and now his success taking it on Adult A.D.D.

Hope you enjoy it and find it informative. I did!


Ty Pennington and Other Celebrities With ADHD

Be sure to check out this article/slideshow, and also share it with other people – to help to raise awareness of successful people who have ADD/ADHD. This will be especially helpful if you have a child or teen who has ADHD and looks up to one of these celebrities. If you do share this with your child or teen, please come back to this blog post and let us know how he/she responded to seeing this.


It is good to know who ones good company is.

Ty Pennington calls himself the poster child for ADHD and he is very productive.

Building houses in 7 days requires the "disorder."

He is actually promoting medication, but whether or not that is called for, it is good to know that a person with ADHD can be very successful.

He recommends nurturing ones creativity and getting early treatment.

See the interview ...

... and comment.

ADD / ADHD Coaching Blog: Be More Productive With Mindmapping

For many adults with ADHD, our minds are usually moving at a mile a minute. I call this "busy brain" and it is both a gift and a challenge. It actually contributes to your creativity. It also gets in the way because you’re so busy coming up with wonderful ideas that you never take the time to implement any of them. Here’s a strategy you can use to manage your ideas and connect them with action items. And, you don’t have to slow your busy brain down to a snail’s pace.


Click above to read more.

For adults with ADHD, productivity is a key, if not THE key issue.

To be able to accomplish more without straining ones personal style or violating who one is can be a major plus.

What to Know About Hyperfocus | ADDitude

Attention deficit disorder is all about distraction…until it’s not! One of the most surprising aspects of ADHD is hyperfocus—a person’s ability to home in on a specific task, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else.

Someone with an interest in computer programming may happily hunt for a bug in thousands of lines of code, regardless of the fact that he usually can’t sit still. A musician may write a symphony in only a few weeks.

A Blessing and a Curse

Unfortunately, hyperfocus can’t be reliably sustained or controlled. When parents tell me how their daughter breezed through a challenging science fair project only to settle into a spotty classroom performance, I know that she was hyperfocusing. Adults can find that kind of focus in a new job—working intensely for a year, say, to fix major problems in their department. When things finally run smoothly, they lose interest and move on.


ADD – ADHD: Do You Want To Be More Awake? | ADDed Perspective Blog

Occasionally, I will provide a recording of my post in order to provide the information in a format that is as accessible to as many people as possible. My goal is always to help you learn and apply the information in whatever way is most useful to you. Toward that end, I have also included a link to a PDF of the transcript. If I can do anything else to help, please let me know.


ADD / ADHD Coaching Blog: Manage Negative Beliefs to get Rewarding Results

Many people with ADHD were told as children (or even as adults) that they're lazy or not good enough in some way. When you are given the same message over and over again, a cycle begins where the other person's message becomes your belief (even if it has no bearing in reality) and it can negatively impact the rest of your life.


The Secret to Weight-Loss Success Is In Your Brain | Amen Clinics

How many times have you dieted and lost weight only to gain it back again? What makes some people able to keep the weight off while other people continue to struggle? The answer appears to lie in the brain.

According to a study using a brain-imaging technique called functional magnetic resource imaging, there is a difference in brain activity patterns in people who successfully maintain weight loss and those who don’t. The study appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed images of high-calorie and low-calorie foods as well as nonfood objects to three groups of individuals: people who had lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for at least three years, obese people, and normal-weight people.


Entrepreneurs and ADD: Are Your Business Relationships Working? | ADDed Perspective Blog

When you are a small business owner / entrepreneu r with ADD the way in which your ADD symptoms manifest themselves can absolutely have a positive effect on your relationships with others. You may be outgoing and able to talk to many different people, for example. This ability allows you to easily integrate into a variety of social and business situations which may serve you well in building and sustaining your business.

However, many of you recognize that, depending on the context, your ADD symptoms may also prove to be a challenge in creating the types of quality relationships upon which the success of your business rest.